A Digital Literacy Workshop for the SPM Leavers of PPR Lembah Subang 1

The Problem

The youth from the PPR community are often not exposed to the digital world of the society. Be it from time constraint or the lack of exposure. This can be classified as a big problem due to the nature of the world’s globalization, where being tech savvy is a must. Especially due to COVID-19 where everything is done through the internet, hence why youths must be able to know how to use the electronic media wisely.

The Solution

Me.Reka Belia did a good job by providing the basic needs for the participants to allow them in growing better for the future. The Workshop participate by youth ranging from SPM leavers to young adults from the PPR community. The organization gave out micro-funds and tablets to the participants in hoping they’ll be able to adapt with the globalization of the world. Also it gives them the opportunity to launch their own online business.

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