Donation Drive for basic needs program with founder of BAKRIYAH YABG Datin Seri Wan Hasni Wan Yusof

The Problem

Due to the pandemic situation, the whole world was hit with countless misfortunes. The PPR communities were suffering from different types of hurdles especially in terms of financial issues. Many breadwinners lost their jobs, causing families to lose their source of income. Despite the fact everyone is staying home, not all are in a comfortable situation.

The Solution

The donation drive was a collaborative effort between BAKRIYAH, Kelab Wanita Ikon Malaysia and A total number of 300 families received the daily necessities donated by the organizations. The distribution was done by the founder of BAKRIYAH, YABG Datin Seri Wan Hasni Wan Yusof, who took her time by visiting a few of the families in the PPR community and gave moral support to encourage them in looking forward to the future.

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